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BIM in the Operation and Maintenance phase

BIM in the Operation and Maintenance phase. Five good reasons to adopt it.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the efficient management of the life-cycle of the built environment supported by digital technology.

BIM can provide huge benefits to the stakeholders in all phases of the building process – Planning; Design; Construction; and Operations and Maintenance.

The Operation & Maintenance (O&M) phase spans a very long period. O&M costs far exceed those of any previous phase, averaging 70% of total life-cycle costs.

The use of the BIM methodology in in the Facility Management processes is increasingly affirming itself.

However, to date the level of adoption of the BIM in the O&M phase is taking its first steps, more in terms of interest and curiosity than actual adoption

There are some essential points, see below, whereby the adoption of the BIM in the management phase becomes indispensable today.

#1 BIM is a standard

BIM is already rooted in the design and construction phases and it is therefore natural and inevitable that it will also be adopted in the subsequent management and maintenance phase.

#2 efficient, convenient and trasparent

BIM will make the way assets are managed more efficient, economical and transparent.

#3 it is already in use in the design and construction processes

The BIM will gradually become the standardized method for facility management, regardless of the size of the assets to be managed.

#4 data availability

BIM provides basic information useful for planning improvement, restructuring and conservation adaptation interventions.

#5 useful also for the existing buildings management

BIM is also very advantageous for the management of existing buildings; the cost for the creation of a BIM model intended for the use of Facility Management is significantly lower than the creation and management of a database based on two-dimensional drawings.

The real benefits of the “BIM method” will come when it will finally be used for real estate life-cycle management.

BiC-6D is part of the overall vision of Lemsys which aims to create a solution’s collection dedicated to the individual phases building integrated with the Building in the Cloud collaboration platform.

The additional modules are intended to cover, with the common denominator of the BIM Model, all the phases of the processes necessary for the correct building’s life-cycle.

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