BiC-CDE, an advanced Building in Cloud module, allows you to create a Common Data Environment, compliant with PAS 1192 and UNI 11337 regulations.

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What is a CDE (Common Data Environment)?

A Common Data Environment (required for BIM and efficient life-cycle management of the built environment) enables the efficient creation, sharing, and management of current and actionable information across the various operators and managers involved in facilities design, procurement, construction, operations, and management.

The ability to share information within a common environment drives improved decision-making and efficient use of organizational resources.  

Basic Requirements

The efficient life-cycle management of the built environment is the focus of the LEAN and BIM processes of which the CDE is a required component.

The main rules describing the workflow of the CDE are the BS 1192 and the Pas 1192-2 and the UNI 11337.

Common data environment

Core New Features of BIC-CDE

The  life-cycle management of an engineering work is the focus of the BIM process of which the CDE is the main tool.


The main rules describing the workflow of BiC-CDE are:

  • The BS 1192
  • The Pas 1192-2
  • The UNI 11337

Building Information Modeling

  • Federated management of BIM models
  • RVT and IFC model data management
  • Integrated BIM viewer

Advanced Documents Management

  • Automatic and customizable naming convention/rules for documents
  • Version/revision documents management
  • Metadata documents management

Document approval workflow

The document approval workflow structure can be completely customized by the system administrator or preset at the system level according to national, international and organizational standards.

Advanced notification system

BiC-CDE has an advanced notification system that allows the control and verification of all the activities pertaining to each single document.

Fully integrated in Building in Cloud

The additional features of BiC-CDE are integrated with, and expand the functionality of, Building in Cloud making it the ideal tool for organizations to manage the design, procurement, construction, operations, and management across a structure’s life-cycle phase.

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