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BiC Spaces – the new Building in Cloud solution for the space management

Building in Cloud announces the release of the BiC Spaces module for space management.

The new module is specifically dedicated to the digital management of processes related to living and working spaces that can natively exploit the power offered by BIM (Building Information Modeling).

The new Space management solution provides Property owners, Facility managers and building managers with advanced O&M (Operation & Maintenance) control and management tools.

BiC Spaces supports Facility managers in the efficient implementation of innovative spaces and strategies to improve the management of the environments in which people live and work on a daily basis.

Space management in the Building in Cloud BIM viewer

The new module is part of the overall vision of Building in Cloud which aims to create a set of solutions specifically geared to the single stages of the building process integrated into a unique collaboration platform where the BIM model is at the heart of the processes throughout the building lifecycle.

BIM and Space management

The possibility of having online BIM models, designed and optimised right from the initial planning phase, makes it possible to automatically obtain the information needed to manage spaces, thus reducing waste and satisfying users.

The availability of suitably prepared BIM models linked to a building allows Building in Cloud to visualise in real time the distribution of spaces in either 2D or 3D views.

From the corresponding 2D or 3D views you can select spaces and view detailed information or start Operation & Maintenance processes.

Bringing together all relevant data about spaces, work or living places, departments and people in one BIM model is the winning strategy for professional space management and workplace innovation.

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Visualisation of spaces in plan view

BiC Spaces objects

BiC Spaces manages different types of spaces according to the tasks that need to be performed:


The “room” is the basic object of BiC Spaces; it can be either created in BiC or loaded automatically by linking the BIM model to the building.

The components contained therein and all the parameters necessary for its proper management can be linked to the room: destination; occupancy; department; bookability; area; perimeter; volume; occupancy capacity and types of finishes, and any type of document can be attached to the room.


Areas” are BiC Spaces objects with which you wish to represent objects that are not directly identifiable as “locales”, such as: external areas; functional surfaces; car parks etc. It is possible to link certain parameters for the “Local” object to the areas.


Units” are BiC Spaces objects with which you wish to group rooms belonging to the same unit. A typical case is the Real Estate Unit, to which it is possible to associate all the information necessary for its correct management.

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The Building in Cloud team wishes you good job.