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Digital Collaboration in the Construction Industry 

The digitisation of work has become an integral part of today’s world and Digital Collaboration is one of its pillars. The construction industry cannot be exempt.

When it comes to Digital Collaboration, it is important to forget about the traditional workspace and the working methods that come with it. No longer fixed offices and physical meetings, but smart workstations and meetings for which it becomes essential to adopt appropriate digital technologies that are functional to the objectives.  

With this in mind, the concept of the team is also being radically changed: the smart team is born, a mobile, global team, driven by a single need: digital communication and collaboration to achieve shared goals.  

The goal for all stakeholders is to know in real time the alignment and adherence to time, cost and quality foreseen in the planning phase in order to be able to implement necessary adjustments in a timely manner.  

Moreover, the team can no longer be conceived only as belonging to the internal organisation, but must include continuous interactions with the chain of suppliers outside the organisation and the client itself. 

Team productivity is no longer bound by space and time constraints; the only goal is to achieve the final results, which can only be achieved through the synergistic collaboration of the individual users in the team.  

The construction industry is not exempt from this still relatively new type of work, which is why it must welcome the digitisation of the sector as an opportunity and exploit all its benefits.  

Building in Cloud is an online platform that finds in Digital Collaboration one of its strengths, promoting the digitisation of the construction industry. 

The benefits of Digital Collaboration in construction with Building in Cloud 

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration: the whole team always has information about the project available without exclusion. This eliminates misunderstandings and miscommunications. 

  • Data always available: thanks to the BiC-CDE module, all data is always available to team members, the only condition being a connection to the Internet. 

  • Project documents always up to date: Online documents can be constantly updated and thanks to the free BiC-QR Code functionality, even for paper documents, doubts about the document’s up-to-date status are eliminated.  

  • Customisation of work and reporting: Thanks to special dashboards it is possible to customise the monitoring of construction projects and to create specific reports that can be shared with the team for further alignment on project progress.

These are just some of the main benefits that efficient Digital Collaboration can bring to the construction industry.  

Build Digital, Build Better! 

Building in Cloud è stato progettato proprio per rispondere alle esigenze di condivisione e gestione delle informazioni in tutte le fasi di vita di un edificio, al fine di garantire maggiore efficienza e qualità alle attività del team.  

Building in Cloud was designed precisely to meet the needs of sharing and managing information throughout the life of a building to ensure greater efficiency and quality in team activities.