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Common Data Environment – UnipolSai Selects Building in Cloud

UnipolSai SpA, a leading financial services company with over ten million clients, has selected Building in Cloud to manage the Common Data Environment for the major restoration and ongoing life-cycle management of the  UnipolSai main office in Milan.

The important project designed by Progetto CMR, gives life back to a building left unfinished since 2006. The building  will play a vital role in joining contemporary Milan and the surrounding Isola district.

Building in Cloud was selected due to is unique ability to assist in managing the wide-spectrum of restoration work, including an innovative new exterior design, and improving the building’s functionality, energy performance and overall facilities management efficiency.

Building in Cloud, a native BIM solution, will provide continuity to the building process, managing data, information and procedures both for all phases, from throughout construction and ongoing operations.

building in cloud
View the BIM model in Building in Cloud

Building in Cloud offers an intuitive and efficient information sharing environment as well as powerful collaboration tools

Thanks to the forward thinking of the client, who has believed in the benefits and invested in the implementation of BIM, the whole design and construction process will thus be entirely managed digitally.

Building in Cloud offers an intuitive and efficient information sharing environment as well as powerful collaboration tools, within a Common Data Environment (CDE) that reduces time and errors and lowers costs.

Lemsys Srl ** – publisher of Building in Cloud and Anafyo Sagl *** – consultancy firm in the BIM area – have shared their specific skills with UnipolSai to assure a rapid and correct implementation of the Common Data Environment.

The close collaboration has allowed us to develop a well-structured and organized data sharing environment able to reflect the general vision of the client.

The correct definition of procedures, processes and workflows to be adopted guarantees users, who daily need to exchange data, documents and information, to have a safe and secure sharing and collaboration environment.

*** Anafyo Srl . was founded with the aim of supporting and supporting companies in the construction industry in the demanding, but necessary, search for process optimization. The founding members of Anafyo, with over 20 years of experience in the sector, have been able to develop a model of analysis able to highlight the weaknesses in the production cycle of the companies involved in the building process.

** Lemsys Srl was founded in 2014 in Milan and is focused on the development of software solutions for Cloud Collaboration and Cloud Infrastructure.

Lemsys solutions are designed to bridge the existing gap (“Bridge the Gap”) between the personal and professional user experience on the topics of the cloud, BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the use of information from fixed or mobile.
Our solutions help medium and large organizations significantly improve productivity, reduce collaboration costs and increase the company’s overall value.

Progetto Cmr , is a company specialized in integrated design, founded in 1994 with the aim of creating a flexible, efficient and environmentally sustainable architecture by applying a method that starts from the analysis of customer needs. The head office is in Milan, has offices in several cities around the world: Rome, Athens, Bahrain, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Istanbul, Jakarta, Moscow, Prague, Singapore, Tianjin and is a partner of EAN – European Architect Network.