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Common Data Environment – A new module for Building in Cloud

Lemsys Announces the Release of – BiC-CDE, a new module for Building in Cloud for the management of Common Data Environment that is fully compatible with PAS 1192 and UNI 11337 standards.

BiC-CDE, the first of several new modules to be released for the Building in Cloud platform, is fully integrated with document management and approval processes to drive higher performance in managing federated BIM models.

With the availability of the new BiC-CDE module, and others shortly to follow, we are helping to drive greater facilities construction and operations efficiencies through the enhanced sharing and use of project and Building Information Modeling.
The new features of BiC-CDE allow the management of document approval processes, the automatic naming of documents, a more performing notification system and the federated BIM models management.

Learn more by viewing this video.

Common Data Environment
Video illustrating the new features of the BiC-CDE module

More information on BiC-CDE is available at this address:

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