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Keep Your Team and Your Project With You…. Wherever you are.

Commuting to work and working 8am to 5pm every day has become the exception versus the norm and keep your team and your project with you is a huge opportunity to grow your productivity.

Both public and private sector personnel now have the freedom to work remotely and work days can be very irregular.

The ability to adapt to today’s work style is critical to organizations that hope to be competitive,  keep your team and your project with you attract the best talent, and be able to directly support and collaborate with their customers, suppliers, and service partners.

The Cloud offers organizations of any size complete mobility.  The ability to securely access information and applications anywhere, anytime.   Documents, drawings, BIM models, virtually any type of information are automatically archived, synchronized, and shared safely, in a few steps.   People can work individually or collaboration on any mobile device, from any location.



Today, mobility is the standard of work, organizations can take advantage of this trend by enabling their personnel to work anywhere, keep your team and your project with you, meet the needs of different needs and lifestyles, and save on costs.

Remote workers even tend to be more productive than employees who work in traditional office environments, work more hours, and delivery higher quality.

Thanks to Building in Cloud, (watch the Constuction Document Management video) you and your projects are no longer bound a single location or a specific device.

You can control the progress of your projects at home, on the road, whenever you are most productive.  When you get a new idea, receive information from a colleague, you can work on it right away, then share it with your team and your clients immediately.


The Cloud is an enabling technology and Building in Cloud offers an application to support unlimited numbers of people to collaborate on single or multiple projects and activities, whether located in Montreal, Beijing, Los Angeles or New Delhi.

LEAN Construction and Project Delivery Methods and BIM can be deployed consistently across geographic boundaries.  Team members can work on a construction cost estimate, a drawing, or a BIM model, stop, and then restart exactly where they left off.    Information is effortlessly shared and synchronized in real-time.  Every can work faster and respond immediately to changing situations.


With Building in Cloud, you can stop relying on the enormous weight of data security.

Building in Cloud uses an advanced defense approach with different levels of security control and functionality.   For example, imagine access and access privileges to differentiated data depending on the roles that team members need to carry out for project development. Furthermore server maintenance, security, both software and physical are handled automatically


  • Free your personnel, clients, and service partners from the traditional constraints of fixed devices and traditional workplace environments.
  • Virtually eliminate any concerns about data and device risks.
  • Assure everyone is working on the same version of information.
  • Technology supports LEAN collaborative construction delivery methods
  • Improve productivity and quality
  • Shorten project deliver times

Try Building in Cloud for free you’ll be amazed at how you can increase your organization’s efficiency.


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