Digitalizzazione Del Settore Delle Costruzioni

The digitization of the construction industry

Some changes are so slow that you don’t notice, others are so fast that they don’t notice you“.

The digitization of the construction industry is gradually transforming how we do business on a day-to-day basis.  

Watch the video below:

We are at the beginning of the (fourth) industrial revolution.

The digitization of the construction industry will progressively lead to profound changes:

  • business relationships
  • how create, share, & reuse information
  • overall outcomes

Those who seize the opportunity of change taking place will  survive, evolve, thrive.

The role of  BIM (through its key players: architects, engineers, surveyors, builders, managers, owners) is to support the communication, cooperation, and overall optimal outcomes project throughout its full life-cycle.

BIM,  common data environments (CDE), and supporting cloud-based technology profoundly change:

  • the way we work
  • how we are measured and compensated
  • the tools we use
  • overall demand for products and services
  • relationships between clients, vendors, and stakeholders.

Historically the focus has always been focused on the ” M “more specifically  “M for Modeling” and 3D visualization. “M” for management, has been somewhat neglected. Process should ALWAYS be the primary focus.

Technology itself should be neutral but can, if properly used, enable improved organizational models and consistent deployment of more robust business processes.

Processes that create requisite environments of trust, transparency and accountability among all actors involved to achieve common goals.

Building in Cloud is an example of a framework expressly designed to meet the needs of the AECOO community to share and manage information of a building as well as ensuring greater efficiency in team activities.  Current, actionable, and commonly formatted information is available to all team members (internal and external) anywhere, anytime and from any device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone).

free version is available to help you getting started to improve your team’s efficiency and allows you to have all the information and documents of your buildings and projects always at your fingertips. Get started!


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