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Project management: how to make workflow more efficient with BIM

Project Management: BIM workflow to increase efficiency in the construction industry

If you operate in the construction industry, even more so if you deal with project management, you certainly know that time is money.

What you probably don’t know is that the use of BIM models can make a huge difference for your workflow in construction process information management,  in respect of time and budget, during the initial planning phase of the project.

Many factors contribute to the failure to meet projections, but the main factors remain low productivity and the lack of a collaborative platform.

While other industries, such as manufacturing, have seen productivity double over the past two decades, “productivity,” generally defined as a measure of the rate at which work is performed, has historically been neglected in construction.

Here’s the bad news.

The good news is that if small inefficiencies can lead to huge costs, then even incremental productivity improvements can save time and money and consequently improve productivity.

While most construction professionals are becoming aware of the costs associated with low productivity, few realize that when construction productivity increases, everyone involved in the production cycle benefits from it.

In a scenario where there is no longer a single operator that manages the implementation plans of more or less complex projects of buildings and infrastructures, the added value of BIM, from the first phase of conceptual design to the last phase of management and maintenance of the work, clearly improves the sharing of data and design information leading to a significant improvement in productivity.

<strong><a href=”https://www.buildingincloud.net/gestione/bim-collaboration/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Real-time data collaboration and sharing</a></strong> accelerates decision-making and review processes in addition to preventing construction risks by enabling significant cost reductions.

The key is precisely to enable everyone involved in the workflow to actively collaborate on digital templates placed on a shared platform.

The outcome is a project that follows everyone’s decisions at the same pace, giving immediate feedback and speeding up implementation times within the budget.

Project management through collaboration platform.

How efficient and productive is your BIM workflow? Are you constantly bogged down by an inefficient and outdated BIM workflow? Sick of trying to manage dozens of project issues and hundreds of emails? Spending sleepless nights due to looming project budget overruns?

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