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Building in Cloud and Document Management

Exploit the full potential of Building in Cloud for Document Management

Building in Cloud, among its many features, is a Document Management software.

In the construction industry, proper document management is crucial for proper project management. The absence of an efficient DMS (Document Management Software), as well as its incorrect use, can lead to a waste of time and budget. Especially in the construction sector, where even a small error can lead to costly mistakes and delays.

A further benefit of efficient document management is improved collaboration between the various parties involved in all phases of a building, from design to maintenance. In fact, it will be possible for all parties involved to have access to up-to-date documents at any time, provided they have a device and access to Building in Cloud software.

Discover all of Building in Cloud’s Construction Document Management features and learn how to get the most out of the software via this video.

Document Management increases quality, productivity and efficiency. Learn more about document management and Building in the Cloud on our blog:

Building in Cloud and BIM

Building in Cloud leverages the advantages offered by BIM (Building Information Modeling) to increase the level of efficiency and collaboration of the operators involved in the design, construction and management processes of a building.

Building in Cloud is entirely web-based and with an intuitive and easy interface, it does not require purchasing a software or managing an IT infrastructure.

To try out all the advanced features of Building in Cloud for free, simply contact us. Our Support Team will be happy to introduce you to our collaboration platform and answer any questions you may have.

Ditch the bad habits, digitize all your documents and start streamlining the document management of your projects. Activate a Building in Cloud account and start now!