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Building in Cloud – Important news and a completely free version

Available  the new release of Building in Cloud. Concurrently with the release of the new version is now available Building in Cloud Free .

The new version of Building in Cloud aims to further improve the productivity of our solution by increasing performance in three key areas:

1. AIM (Asset Information Model)

The new Asset management capabilities increase the value of BIM data model.

When importing one or more models in Building in Cloud, regardless of Autodesk Revit or Open IFC format, the data contained in the original template becomes instantly available and interrogable in a shared Web environment to allow team members to have all the information they need at any stage of the building process – Anytime; Anywhere.

The viewer has also been further enhanced to allow you to now explore buildings for floors, categories, or individual BIM models.


Figure 1: The new version of Building in Cloud allows the federate BIM models management.

2. CDE (Common Data Environment) 

Building in Cloud now allows federated models management; you can connect to a single Building/project infinite BIM models and explore their geometries and information indifferently in graphical and data mode.

The BIM model Federated management allows you to directly select a component from the federated model and, for example, assign to a team member an issue to be solved or a task to be performed on the component and, finally, track it down.

Building in Cloud is now compliant with the requirements of the norms Pas 1192-2 and Uni 11337.

3. CDM (Construction Document management) 

Building in Cloud Integrated Document Manager has been further enhanced with a new folder management tool to allow access to documents with differentiated privileges for single user or user groups.

All activity carried out on documents is mapped and historized, each changement can be notified to a user or group of users depending on the choices made by system administrators to be sure to always work on the most up-to-date document.

Building in Cloud “Free”

The “Free” version allows you to use Building in Cloud for free and time-consuming, making it the ideal solution for small workgroups.

The new “Free” level differs from the “Professional” and “Ultimate” levels for the lack of some resources and capabilities (buildings, user and storage space).

For more information about version features, please view this page.

With the availability of access to BIM models directly from any browser and a more sophisticated document access tool, we have the ambition to enable all construction and real estate professionals to have a very advanced tool and easy to use for managing and sharing information on a project or building. ”

To get a better idea of ​​the potential of the new version of Building in Cloud, you can watch this video.

I want to get this opportunity to thank all the persons who have contributed in these months of intense work to this important goal. Thank you!



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