BIM Software Guide

BIM Software guide

Either I’m a designer, a contractor, an owner or a facility manager and I were aware about the opportunity to improve my activities using BIM; one of the main questions I should have to answer is what BIM software should I use?


La gestione BIM del ciclo di vita dell'edificio

In a previous my post TO OR NOT TO BIM I put in evidence as the question was not whether to use or not to use the BIM but if my organization is “BIM ready” and what are the goals I want to get.

Once the choice of using BIM has taken is necessary, among other things, choose what BIM software are needed to achieve the objectives.

This question has been struggling all over the BIM discussions and the answer is really hard especially for AEC companies who are new to the BIM technology.

This guide attempts to make it easier for the daunting task of choosing the BIM software that best suit your needs.

Anyway first of all, I should answer to these questions:

  • What is the suitable software applications to achieve the best interoperability?
  • Which software do I need now and tomorrow?
  • Do I need all of these features in that software?
  • Are there any alternatives in the market with higher capabilities?
  • Do I really need a file sharing tool?
  • Do I need a collaborative BIM software application?
  • For my needs is better an on premise software or a cloud based service solution?

Answered to the above questions?

So, for the people who are in charge to choose a BIM solution, here comes a comprehensive list of BIM software based on different categories.

The list is broken down by manufacturer; life cycle stages can be used; and the main BIM dimensions:

  • 3D – Modeling
  • 4D Scheduling
  • 5D Cost
  • 6D Sustainability
  • 7D Maintenance & Operation.

This guide is definitely incomplete. I apologize to those who were not included.

To see the list click here:

If you believe that we can include more programs we ask you to comment on the post, we will contrast the data and we will include them in the BIM Software guide!!

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