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About us

About us

We are Lemsys, a young and fast growing Italian company with a strong focus on the IT sector for the construction industry. We deliver to our customers innovative solutions to easily face the world’s most complex challenges.

The construction industry

The wide construction industry district, sector among the most backward in terms of efficiency and automation, which more than others suffering from the crisis, requires specific solutions to innovate the processes so that it can return to being one of the main drivers of our economy.

The choice

The situation of particular backwardness of the sector has led the two founding members to reflect on the future of the construction and Real Estate business.
The experience and know-how acquired over the years allows Lemsys to present itself to the construction industry and the real estate with innovative solutions.

The offer

Lemsys operates with the goal of offering to companies operating in the vast world of construction and Real Estate industry innovative solutions that provide them with the information necessary to improve their business.

“Innovation, whether it be a product or a process is the fundamental factor that achieves results and benefits more than in the past thus allowing an economic and social progress.

Only innovation enables companies to grow”

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