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2017 – Top 4 Construction Industry Trends

Construction industry, traditionally more backward than others, have the priority to get out of a crisis that is decimating our companies.

Here are the four major construction industry trends  needs to look at.

1- The advent of VR/ AR technology:

Augmented reality is driving construction’s creative reinvention.

Virtual and augmented reality technology is one of the most popular topics discussed currently in the construction industry. VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology can help the construction team to review models in a more immersive way – helping to communicate designs and identify problems before building starts.

2- More Cloud Based Collaboration for BIM

Cloud technology and BIM collaboration, is enabling teams to become more connected, and have access to information from anywhere and anytime.

New project delivery models need to work in a shared space in Realtime, so that decisions, updates and communications are simultaneously and instantly applied, flagged, and tracked.

3- Lean Construction Delivery

LEAN Construction Delivery can significantly improve quality, productivity, and overall levels of satisfaction.

Through the integration and practice of robust LEAN construction practices and workflows, change management, and supporting technologies, over 90% of renovation, repair, maintenance, sustainability, and new construction projects can be delivered on-time, on-budget, and to the satisfaction of all participants and stakeholders.

 4- Building Energy Efficiency

According to the International Energy Agency, almost 30% of worldwide energy is attributable to buildings (40% of total in energy in the United States), and will increase 1.5% year through 2040 to almost 50%. The United States is largest user of energy for commercial use. The Buildings energy efficiency is therefore the top priority.

The use of technology: IoT – Internet of Things; Life-cycle Facilities Management, LEAN Construction Delivery Methodologies, BIM – Building Information Modeling and the Cloud today allow to design, build and manage building smarter.



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