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The Common Data Environment In Practice

The Common Data Environment in practice

What is CDE - Common Data Environment The Common Data Environment (CDE) is a centralized repository where information relating to the design, construction and management of a building are stored, organized and available to stakeholder. To better understand the benefits that the correct adoption of a CDE can…

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What’s New – December 2018

What’s new – December 2018

What's new, the Building in Cloud's news. We are happy to announce the news of Building in Cloud released in December 2018. This update introduces features mainly related to the document management of the CDE module. We continuously update Building in Cloud…

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The Digitization Of The Construction Industry

The digitization of the construction industry

"Some changes are so slow that you don’t notice, others are so fast that they don’t notice you". The digitization of the construction industry is gradually transforming how we do business on a day-to-day basis.   Watch the video below: We are…

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